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    On January 25th, 2016, the Government promulgated Decree No. 07/2016/ND-CP detailing the Commercial law on representative offices (RO), branches of the foreign traders in Vietnam. Accordingly, the establishment of the RO, the branch of the foreign traders in Vietnam must be done in compliance with Vietnam’s commitments in the treaties of which Vietnamese is a member. In addition the foreign traders must satisfy other certain conditions when forming the RO and the branch in Vietnam such as:...

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    Over recent years, Vietnam has been a promising destination for foreign investors through forms of Representative Offices or Branches in Vietnam in order to make a market research and conduct some investors’ commercial activities. Thereupon, the service of foreign investment consultancy by lawyers in Vietnam is under hot discussions than ever. In accordance with applicable laws, the establishment, operation and termination of operation of Representative Offices (“ROs”), Branches...

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    Dismissal is a form of labor discipline prescribed in Clause 3, Article 125 of the Labor Code 2012 (LC 2012) and also one of the termination of labor contract cases prescribed in Clause 8, Article 36 of LC 2012. Accordingly, dismissal discipline is only applied (i) in cases regulated by law; (ii) if it remains within the statute for handling dismissal and (iii) when in compliance with the provisions of the procedure; if violated, the dismissal is considered to be illegal, and the employer must bear...

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